We’re excited to have you on board! Our ambassador program is designed to help grow our Cantu Wheels though passionate cyclists, like yourselves, that will represent us from different skill levels, disciplines, and regions of throughout the country.  As an ambassador, you will your share cycling adventures and stories through social media and word of mouth, contribute valuable feedback as we build the Cantu brand, and grow excitement about Cantu Wheels in your cycling network and community. We look forward to following your journey on our wheels!

What you can expect from us:

  • One-on-one attention in wheel support and knowledge

  • 40% discount on a custom set of hand built Cantu Wheels (When you are ready to have your custom wheels built, please shoot us a separate email to sales@cantuwheels.com Please have a wheel order finalized by the end of May)

  • A Cantu Cycling Wheels kit

  • Cantu swag pack (ie t-shirt, bottle, stickers, and hat)

  • Discount on wheel service

  • Discount on cycling events or races when available

  • New product sneek peaks

Our expectations from you:

  • Ride your Cantu Wheels and have fun! Yes, of course we want you to talk about our wheels. When people see how much you enjoy riding that is your moment to talk about how much you can enjoy your rides even more with a Cantu wheel upgrade.

  • Be well informed on the wheels and products we offer. Through our Facebook Ambassador Page we will have Wheel 101 posts to keep you informed.

  • At least 4 social media posts per month related to your Cantu Wheels on Facebook and/or Instagram

  • Campaign and promotions involvement. We will have campaigns for products and ask you to share content regarding that campaign.

  • Provide ongoing feedback and transparency throughout your experience.

  • Be prepared to tell people about our story.

Ambassador Info

This is optional as it is a large expense, so please be honest if you do not intend on wearing one.
Please have your wheel order finalized by the end of May. For now we'd like to get an idea of what kind of wheels you'd like.

Ambassador Agreement & Code of Conduct

I agree to promote Cantu Cycling Wheels as an ambassador through word of mouth, social media, and other marketing means. In return, I will receive the aforementioned benefits. I give Cantu Wheels permission to use any of my cycling related photos and content for re-posting and sharing on social media platforms. Term of 2019 ambassador program ends April 30, 2020.
I agree to represent Cantu Cycling Wheels in a professional manner and promote the brand whenever possible. I will not use any illegal or banned performance enhancing substances. I will not re-sell any product or promotional items received from Cantu Cycling Wheels within a year of receiving.
If at any time it is determined that a participant of the ambassador program has not met the requirements or is conducting himself/herself in a manner not compliant with the program expectations, membership of the ambassador program will be revoked for the participant and any benefits of the program will be immediately forfeited.

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