Cantu 55C

Carbon Clinchers

Weight:  1589 ± 30g

Depth/Width:  55mm/26mm 

Hub:  Cantu Branded Custom Hub 20/24

Free Hub:  10/11speed Compatible Freehub Body Shimano/Campy Available

Spokes:  Black Sapim CX-Ray Aero Spokes

Nipples:  18mm Alloy Nipples

Manufactured:  100% Hand built in New Waverly, TX USA

Lacing Patterns: 
Front - Radial   
Rear - Non Drive side Radial / Drive side 2 Cross

Cantu R5C
from 825.00

The Cantu R5C is our best all around wheel combining aerodynamics and speed.  A 50 mm depth gives you an aero advantage plus cross wind stability over deeper rims. This is the ultimate wheel set giving you an edge whether sprinting for the finish line or a city limit sign. The R5C is a great fit for road racers, triathletes, and recreational riders. 


**All sets are Shimano/SRAM hub body 11-spd (10, 9, 8 spd) with included spacer, unless Campy requested.

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