Two new riders join the Cantu Gravel Ambassador Crew

We're excited to welcome aboard Thomas Adams and Gabbi Shelton as Cantu Gravel Ambassadors. Our gravel ambassador program is designed to support the working athlete who is enthusiastic and engaged within their cycling community, and have a great sense of adventure on two wheels.  We met Thomas and Gabbi first at Gravel Worlds in 2016 and quickly took note of their raw passion for gravel riding. Their excitement for the sport is contagious on and off the bike. On top of that, they leave everything they have out on the course when it comes to gravel events such as the Dirty Kanza, Land Run, and Gravel Worlds. We can't wait to see what adventures they take on the Cantu Gravel Wheels, the Rebel and the Rova. Representing the Mid-South gravel region out of Stillwater, Oklahoma, home to the Land Run 100, there is no doubt they will put our wheels to the the test in both training and racing. Get to know a little about them below:

2017 Gravel Worlds. photo:  Gravel Guru

Thomas Adams

Hometown:  Stillwater, Oklahoma

Day Job:  Product Manager with J.B. Camera Designs

Bucket List Gravel Events:   I would love to make it over to Reba's Private Idaho. I'm really interested in a Gravel Stage Race/Event, and plus it's Reba and in the mountains of Idaho. It just sounds like a weekend full of adventure, and I think somewhere during day 2 you really get down to what gravel is: finding out what you're made of.   

Upcoming Races:  This weekend! I'll be at the Epic 150 again. After that, I'll be racing the DK hoping to defend my 2nd place spot.. but always looking for more. We'll race Gravel Worlds in August, and maybe a hand full of smaller races that are closer.

Race Results:  
2015/16 Land Run 100 - 3rd SS on a fixed gear bicycle
2016 The Epic 150 - 3rd SS
2017 Maisie's Pride - 1st SS
2017 Dirty Kanza - 2nd SS & completing my comeback to gravel. It had all built up to that event. 

Bike Setup:  I ride a custom, hand built frame made by Scissortail Cycles in Norman, OK. 
TRP drillium SS levers/TRP HY/RD callipers
Frame is not SS specific, and can run gears.. but currently training at 44/17-19T
Thompson stem/ setback seat post. TRP Carbon Cross/Gravel fork
Tires: Bontrager LT2 Team issue- super flat resistant, and have made a thousand miles way easier with little maintenance. 
Wheels: CANTU ROVA baby!!! 

Thomas's Scissortail Cycles hand built frame sporting the hand built Cantu Rova wheelset.

Gravel Worlds 2017. photo:   Gravel Guru

Gravel Worlds 2017. photo:  Gravel Guru

Gabbi Shelton

Hometown:  Stillwater, Oklahoma

Day Job:  Stillwater Summit Co. - local gear shop

Bucket List Gravel Events:  Tour Divide, Grinduro, Rebecca’s Private Idaho stage race, TransIowa... there are so many bucket-list worthy gravel events nowadays.

Upcoming Races:  The Epic, The Dirty Kanza XL, Gravel Worlds

Race Results:  
2016  Land Run - 1st Women SS
2016 Gravel Worlds - 1st Women SS

2017 Barry-Roubaix - 3rd Women SS
2017 The Dirty Kanza 200 - 1st Women SS

2018 Land Run 100 - 2nd Women SS

Bike Setup:  All-City Cosmic Stallion w/ Cantu Rebels set up single speed with a Phil Wood eccentric bottom bracket. 

2018 Land Run 100. photo:   Gravel Guru

2018 Land Run 100. photo:  Gravel Guru

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We're fortunate to have them on board and we're looking forward to their experience our the Cantu Rebel and Rova! #UCantu #CantuAttitude

2017 Cantu Gravel Ambassadors

Cantu Cycling Wheels is happy to kick off our new Gravel Ambassador Program. The program is designed to support the working athlete who is enthusiastic and engaged within their cycling community, not to mention having great sense of adventure on gravel roads. Our two ambassadors this year hail from the Midwest representing Kansas and Nebraska where gravel is not only a way of riding, but a culture for those who enjoy the wide open skies and endless rolling hills their region has to offer.

We'd like to welcome Bobby Thompson and Craig Schmidt to the Cantu family as our Gravel Ambassadors for 2017. As a Gravel Ambassador Craig and Bobby will be riding on our Cantu Rebel 28mm Disc Brake Wheel Set built custom for them. Their passion is not only in gravel riding, but building community. They embody the true meaning of "adventure starts where the pavement ends."

Bobby at Gravel Worlds 2016. [photo courtesy of Gravel guru]

Craig at the 2017 Land run 100. [photo courtesy of gravel guru[

Bobby is the host for Gravel Guru's show "This Is Gravel" and the mind behind The Casual Cyclist. Hailing from Emporia, Kansas, home to the Dirty Kanza 200, Bobby is grateful to call the Flint Hills his home. We will be cheering him on as he rides to complete his 5th Dirty Kanza this year to collect the Five Time Finishers Cup and also shooting to complete the Race the Sun Challenge (ie finishing before sunset). He has participated and finished other events such as Rebecca's Private Idaho, 24 hrs of Cumming Relay, Land Run 100, and Gravel Worlds.

Craig represents the Pirate Cycling League out of Lincoln, Nebraska, home to Gravel Worlds. He wears many hats when it comes to helping orchestrate a gravel event such as Gravel Worlds and Tour of Dirt Roads. You can find him scouting out potential courses throughout the rolling gravel grids of rural Nebraska. Some favorite events under his belt are the Gold Rush Gravel Grinder, Almonzo, Cirrem, and Good Life Gravel.

Give these guys a follow! We're fortunate to have them on board and we're looking forward to their experience our the Cantu Rebel! #UCantu #CantuAttitude 

Gravel Worlds 2016 Expectations and Packing List

Tomorrow we hit the road to Lincoln, Nebraska! As we get all packed up for our first Gravel Worlds, I wanted to make sure I have the essentials. 150 miles is the biggest distance I have yet to tackle. I'll admit this is my second ever long endurance gravel grinder and my #1 goal is to FINISH. I'm expecting to be on the bike for over 10 hours. I'm preparing for the ultimate suffer-fest, but with all this said I want to enjoy every bit of the hurt and suffering. If that doesn't make sense, try a cyclocross race and then you'll understand. I can tell one of my biggest challenges will be the wind with up to 20 mph winds. Now comes the time to see if all the miles and climbing I've been putting in have paid off. I couldn't replicate the endless gravel grids and rolling hills of Nebraska down here in Texas, but I made the best of it.

Gravel Worlds Overview
What:  150 mile gravel grinder,  11,000 ft of climbing (from last year's course)
When:  6:00 am Saturday, August 20th
Where:  the course that will be released soon this week will take us around the beautiful countryside and rolling hills outside of Lincoln, Nebraska
Why: glory and/or the Gravel Worlds Championship Jersey for me it's the self accomplishment and challenge
What else: take on the challenges of self-navigating (course is not marked) and self-sufficiency (no outside support allowed) 
Last Year's Champions:  Mens Open, Neil Shirley (7 hours 54 minutes) and Womens Open, Rebecca Rusch (9 hours 8 minutes)

Current Race Day Forecast:  77 high/ 55 low 16 mph winds from the North and 20% chance of precipitation

Packing List Essentials

  • Nutrition:  Clif Bloks, Clif Shots, Clif Bar*, Body Glove Surge Energy Shots (take as much nutrition as you think you need and then some!)
  • Sunscreen:  Coppertone Sport SPF 50
  • Saddle bag equipped with 2+tubes and tire lever
  • Multi-tool
  • Helmet*
  • Sunglasses
  • 2 water bottles*
  • Heart-rate strap
  • Garmin 500 Edge
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver (for fun)
  • Camelbak 1.5 Liter
  • Front and Rear Lighting
  • Chamois Butter:  DZNuts Bliss Chamois Cream
  • Cash/Card 

*Not Shown

Last but not least, my rig, Bumblebee. Steel Cyclocross frame built by Hans Schneider. 

'Til Next Time! We'll see you in Nebraska!